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We have radically changed our business model during the years by constantly building and improving. We started back in 2008 as SANCONSULTING – a design and consulting company for production of high-technology projects for energy efficiency; nowadays, the companies under TECHNOENERGOSTROY have a large capacity for complete construction of photovoltaic power stations and their placing into operation. Our experts provide the full package of services, from setting the development status of the plot, through design and administration of the construction, to putting the photovoltaic power station under voltage. We have a solid network of partners who supply the full range of the highest quality equipment required for solar parks assembly. Each of the panels, invertors and all products we offer is carefully selected by the engineer teams of the company on the basis of a detailed analysis of the full range of production characteristics declared by the manufacturer. In addition, we test the equipment in a laboratory to ensure it corresponds to the high standards required by TECHNOENERGOSTROY.

After 10 years of improvement, we can boldly confirm that we know, we can and we want to work in order to achieve a cleaner and green planet.


We produce energy and make it work for you


We guarantee energy independence for your homes and enterprises


We turn energy into your winning partner




Darin Lashkov



dipl. eng. Nikolay Kurtev

Chief Designer

Мирела Маринова - мениджър продажби

Mirela Marinova

Sales Manager

dipl. eng. Kalin Kalinov

Engineer, responsible for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning and Energy Efficiency

арх. Ерих Миленов

arch. Erih Milenov


инж.Атанас Естатиев

dipl. eng. Atanas Evstasiev

Electrical Engineer

инж.Владимир Иванов

dipl. eng. Vladimir Ivanov

Electrical Engineer

инж.Кирил Лазаров

dipl. eng. Kiril Lazarov

Electrical Engineer

dipl. eng. Alexander Trichkov

Constructor Engineer

Тодор Синапов - технически ръководител

Todor Sinapov

Technical Manager - Construction

Veselin Petrov

Technical manager – Electrical Engineering

Георги Синапов -строителен работник

Georgi Sinapov

Construction Worker

Марио Александров - строителен работник

Mario Alexandrov

Construction Worker

Никола Синапов строителен работник

Nikola Sinapov

Construction Worker

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