Consultant and Development Procedures

Feasibility Study

We provide a precise assessment about the possibility for implementation of the investment intention. We take into consideration the complexity of the project /regarding the project, the structural and technical implementation/, the terms and its total value. We thoroughly study the climate features and the exposure to sunlight of the area using satellite software data interpolation. We create a 3D simulation based on 365-day hourly shining over the panels, modelling the effects of the horizon, which provides a precise forecast energy production. We describe the objective results in a Conceptual Investment Project which contains a financial and economic analysis of the investment and its profitability. We keep track on the policies and tendencies regarding the development of the national and the common European energy market and we incorporate their potential stock exchange effects in the project.

Development Procedures

They include amendments of the general and detailed development plans and their entry in the cadastral registers. The aim is that the development zone and the specific property receives a production use status for production of electrical energy. This allows the chief architect to issue a planning permission for a photovoltaic power station which is a compulsory element of the subsequent request for study of the conditions for connection to the electricity distribution grid.

Opinion for Connection to the Grid

For stations with power up to 5 MWp, the request is presented before the operator of “medium voltage” grids /EVN, Eurohold, Energopro/. For stations with power over 5 MWp, the request is presented directly before the national operator of “high voltage” grids – the Electricity System Operator (ESO). We carry out a full engineer study for the presence and capacity of distribution and rising facilities of the respective electricity distribution company /electricity system operator in the area. Thus, we can precisely forecast the amount of the investment, including the expenses for an external connection and a concrete complete transformer substation which will be assigned to the investor under the received opinion for connection to the grid and the attached preliminary agreement for connection.

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