Stage II.

Design and Project Loans

Design and Coordination of the Investment Project

We prepare a draft investment project for the photovoltaic power station and a second project for an external cable connection in the event that the connection point is outside the boundaries of the land plot which is a subject – matter of the investment intention. If the opinion provides for the investor’s own concrete complete transformer substation, we present the necessary parts of the project for coordination before the electricity distribution company, the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, the fire protection services and, if necessary, before other operators and suppliers of communication services. We provide full logistics support to obtain the necessary coordination letters. This is guaranteed by the exceptional quality of design achieved as a result of the many years during which the engineer team of  TECHNOENERGOSTROY has worked together in harmony.

Bank Loans

We provide up-to-date information about the conditions, the required securities and the interest rates offered by the leading banks in Bulgaria. The Conceptual Investment Project which we have prepared and which contains a detailed calculation of the produced energy, as well as a financial and economic analysis of the investment and its profitability is an exceptional convenience for granting a loan. The information provided in this report covers all technical and financial requirement set by credit departments which check and consider the presented loan requests. In addition, we also provide extra preferences for negotiation with Unicredit Bulbank, UBB, Raiffeisen bank and BACB. In accordance with the rules of commercial banks for granting a loan, the credit can be used if there is a building permit in effect.

Building Permit

We conduct conversations with the chief architects of municipalities during the preparation of the investment projects in order to clarify the particular protocols and specifics regarding the permission to construct a photovoltaic power station. This is necessary due to the differences in the administrative practices when applying the normative base in the field as well as due to the dynamics of changes and amendments of the normative base. The preliminary coordination of the separate projects for a photovoltaic power station, a concrete complete transformer substation and external connections contribute to the quick processing of the submitted correspondence in order to establish the contents and the terms for the issue of a building permit. A building permit issued within the due term guarantees a timely use of the loan without any problems whatsoever as well as achievement of the terms set within the preliminary agreement with the electricity distribution company.

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