Stage III.

Implementation and Maintenance

Equipment Supply

We start this stage as soon as we receive the coordination opinion and the preliminary agreement with the electricity distribution company. Considering our experience so far, we believe that these documents are a sufficient guarantee for the realization of the investment intention. We organize advance payments to the partner companies which supply equipment and materials, ensuring a low cost of the construction, respectively – a low price for the project implementation. TECHNOENERGOSTROY is the only representative of the German company “Austa” whose production plants are base in China. We guarantee the exceptional quality of the equipment and the guarantees are set in additional warranty terms defined in our contractual relations.


We have developed and we continue maintaining a solid, qualified team of construction fitters and engineers responsible for cable fitting who work together in harmony. In addition, we continuously enlarge our mechanization park. TECHNOENERGOSTROY has machinery for vibration hammering, drills for rocky terrains, diggers, dumper trucks, etc. A great advantage is that the fitters start work early in the stage of preparation of the investment project, providing their opination about the terrain to the design teams as well as a risk analysis and measures to avoid the existing risks.

We are aware that in the 21st century time is invaluable. That is why we set even shorter terms for the construction of photovoltaic power plants and the fact that our clients trust us means that we meet these terms.

Placing into Service and Maintenance

Typically, the completion of the construction and assembly works at the photovoltaic power station is followed by a few more steps leading the moment when the station will start producing energy and transmitting it to the grid. We, TECHNOENERGOSTROY, will remain by your side until the very end of the process and will take care of the documents necessary for the issue of certificate for placing into service by the electricity distribution company. In case that the site/sites are classified as third category construction under the Spatial Development Act, we organize the whole logistics regarding the placing into service by the State Acceptance Commission. After that we will once again be by your side for the choice of an energy trader and the negotiation of conditions. We will be there during the final step, too – setting the station under voltage – as well as after that during the warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

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